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S'hawn Avandi Tropes
Berserk Button: Don't steal from S'hawn, call Dealag a freak, or insult Ben's parents. EVER.
Cats Are Mean: Averted. S'hawn is actually a fairly nice guy... unless you make him mad, in which case he plays the trope straight.
Gratuitous Foreign Language: S'hawn, Bedivere, and Dealag all speak the common tongue, but each can also speak at least one other language. S'hawn speaks his native Khajiiti as well as the draconic Dovahzul, Ben can speak Bosmeris (the wood-elf language), and Dealag is natural-born Daedric speaker.
Lethal Chef: Played with. S'hawn can cook a delicious meal from any game he shoots or plants he finds in the dirt, but whenever he tries to actually make a potion, there's a very high chance of it exploding... somehow.
Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card!: S'hawn's full title is "The Last Dragonborn, Dragon of the North, Thane of Skyrim, Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild, Nightingale, Harbinger of the Companions, Listener of the Dark
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A Dragonborn In Dellville
S’hawn Avandi, the Dragonborn of Skyrim, was exploring a small ruin above the city of Solitude. He was wearing dragon scale armor, with a dragon bone war-axe and scale shield at his sides. On his finger was a ring that increased his skill with one-handed weapons and shields, while around his neck was an amulet that made him completely immune to diseases. Strapped to his back were a dragon bone bow and a quiver full of arrows.
"What is this place?" he muttered, lightly brushing his hand against a carved sculpture. Suddenly, his eyes noticed a steel great sword, glowing with the familiar aura patterns of an enchanted weapon. Ooo…" S’hawn muttered as he picked it up. Instantly, he noticed that the sword’s aura was a vibrant electric yellow. "Never seen that color before…" he muttered. Suddenly, the blade sparked and flashed brightly, causing the Khajiit to flinch, and he quickly passed out.
It felt like an eternity later when S’hawn finally woke, and wh
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S'hawn Skyrim Character Sheet by Novanplz S'hawn Skyrim Character Sheet :iconnovanplz:Novanplz 4 2 S'hawn headshot by Novanplz S'hawn headshot :iconnovanplz:Novanplz 3 6
S'hawn's Journal XIV
16 of Heartfire
Mastered Destruction and Sneak today! Poor Shadowmere... always the training dummy! I can now run around unnoticed... and bend the forces of Fire, Frost, and Shock to my will in any way I choose! Though why Shalidor wants me dead for learning that kind of thing I don't know... I'll ask Herma when I give him the copy of this journal I promised him.
I also defeated a Legendary Dragon outside Neloth's tower. It was a amazing battle! Afterward, I took a closer look at my Dragonplate helmet, and suddenly realized that while my Scale Armor is based on Brown Dragons, my Plate Armor is based on this specific kind of dragon! Wow...
Returning home with a Staff of Incineration for Konahrik's mask, and a Staff of Thunderbolts for me (though I'm gonna stick with Chain Lightning!), I placed, the Legendary Dragon's bones and scales in a lock box along with Hyperion's soul gem, a spare heart scale from my Alteration exam, and a few other little trinkets.
Afterward, I decided to pop on
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S'hawn's Journal XIII
18 Evening Star
Defeated Miraak yesterday... He was seriously tough. It felt so good watching Herma impale him! As a reward, I got all of Miraak's stuff, and the ability to mold my skills in any way I see fit!
17th of Sun's Dawn
Today's my birthday! On it, I celebrated by mastering Alteration, Restoration, Illusion, and Conjuration. Heh, feels like so long ago that I nearly had my head cut off in Helgen... and even longer still since my last actual birthday celebration with my parents!
Speaking of, I found my the leather armor, sword, amulet, and ring my parents gave me before coming to Skyrim! I feel so much better knowing I have it again!
Also, remember the Aetherium Wars thing? Yeah, I found the author stalking around Kynesgrove while doing some jobs for the Dawnguard (a blood-sucker parading around as an ambassador. Lured him up to the Dragon mound via the Amulet of Articulation!). Talvon Dreth claimed I knew too much after I revealed I knew about Katria and tried to kill me. Keywo
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S'hawn's Journal XII
18 of Sun's Dawn
I'm writing this entry from inside Apocrypha, which explains the drippings of blackness on these few pages. Hermaeus needs to KEEP HIS TENTACLED NOSTRILS OUT OF MY JOURNAL! He will receive a copy when I am done writing in it, just like everyone on Nirn! Anyway, I cleared out the Raven Rock mine of a bunch of Draugr, as well as a Dragon Priest who specialized in Shock spells-(splotch)- HERMAEUS GO BE PHYSICALLY SOMEWHERE ELSE!- Azura almighty... anyway, the priest was guarding the Word Qah, or Armor. As I fought the priest (whose name was Zahkriisos), I actually caught an ethereal glimpse of Hyperion, and watched as he used Unrelenting Force on a Seeker.
As I healed myself, the Ancient Dragonborn faded away with a wave. I began to wonder if Kohnariik mask had a similar effect... maybe I should ask-(splotch)-this overgrown squid who will get a dragonbone in his eye if he doesn't GO AWAY! After fighting the priest, I returned to Raven Rock, which was doing a lot better no
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S'hawn's Journal XI
9th of Midyear
Found a book titled the Aetherium Wars while raiding a bandit camp. Curious, I rode Shadowere up to the ruin the book indicated and met a ghost named Katria.
Together, we explored Skyrim for the Aetherial Forge, and after crafting an Aetherial crown, I watched proudly as she ascended to Aetherius. Rest in peace Katria! You've earned it.
Along the way, I found Elder Scroll I was looking for in Blackreach! This'll come in handy... I mean, it's a ACTUAL Elder Scroll! How is it not?
I bought a homestead in the Pale. I'm gonna build a house here. This house will be mine, and mine alone!
(31 of Sun's Height)
Decided to travel to Solthshiem. Remembering what had happened back in Whiterun, I headed for Miraak's temple where I met a Skaal who seemed immune to the strange effects plaguing the Sacred stone.
What in Oblivion was Gunmar doing on Solthshiem!? I wandered all over Skyrim for him and he was on that Talos-forsaken spit of land?! SERIOUSLY?! Anyway... I convinced him to re
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Rick, Reese, and Artie by Novanplz Rick, Reese, and Artie :iconnovanplz:Novanplz 2 0 Rick and Artie by Novanplz Rick and Artie :iconnovanplz:Novanplz 3 6
In-depth bio of S'hawn Avandi, Dragonborn
Source Name (Book, Fanfic, RP, etc.): Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
Character Name: S'hawn Avandi
Alias/Title: Dovahkiin/DragonBorn, Konahrik (Warlord), Arch Mage, Nightingale, Thane, Ysmir, Alduin's Bane, Skaal-Friend...
Date of Birth: 17th of Sun's Dawn
Age: 35 (as of 4E 211)
Nickname(s): Kaaz
Zodiac Sign: The Lover
Gender: Male
Race: Khajiit
Nationality: Skyrim, Eleswyr
Blood Type: Unknown
Sexuality: Asexual
Birthplace:Riverhold, Eleswyr
Current Residence: Heljarchen Hall
Religion: Nine Divines (Khajiit variant)
Native Language: Ta'agra, Nordic
Language Spoken: Nordic
Other Known Languages: Dragon Language
Height: Six feet
Weight: 150 pounds
Eye Color: Green
Skin/Fur/Scale/Feather Color: light brown fur
Hair Color: dark brown
Hair Style: long, braided into three ponytails, two of which drape his shoulders
Glasses/Contacts: N/A
Left/Right Handed: Ambidextrous
Make-Up: Tiger-like markings on face
Marks/Scars: bruises around wrists from being bound
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S'hawn's Journal X
Entry 10: 10th of second seed
Told the Graybeards I needed to learn Dragonrend. Arngeir objected strongly when I mentioned the Blades, but I quickly explained the rest of the situation and he relented. The Graybeards then showed me outside to an archway, beyond which a powerful blizzard raged, and taught me the words "Lok vah kor" "Sky, Spring, Summer", or simply, Clear Skies. I used the shout to ascend to the peak of the mountain. How a goat and a troll managed to survive a rip-the-flesh-from-your-bones blizzard I don't know... Trolls can regenerate so it has an excuse, but not the goat!
Turned out that the chief Graybeard was a dragon named Paarthunax, and we shared the traditional-among-dov fire-infused shouting match: Yol... TOOR-SHUL! We then had a fairly pleasant conversation about a Kel-an Elder Scroll located somewhere in Skyrim. Fortunately for me, I already knew of its location thanks to some nut job in a cave north of the College. Hyperion explained that that task was import
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S'hawn's journal IX
Entry 9: 30 of Rainfall
Made Hyperion some Dragonplate. You'd expect the bones to be the primary component, but no to my surprise, the scales were, as well as a mace and a Greatsword.
Wandered down into the Ratways, where some Khajiit Thalmor lackey preformed Dumb idea number one. Try to assassinate a master assassin. After patiently lecturing the moron on EVERYTHING-and I did nitpiick-I drove a sword through their chest. Idiot, if you're gonna try and kill me, A) make sure I can't see you and B) don't yell "for the Thalmor!" at the top of your lungs! After officially becomiong a Thieves' Guild initiate, I found Esbern down in the Ratway Warrens and escorted the Blades to Sky Haven Temple. Grabbed Blades armor and Dragonbane, then left after Esbern explained what was on Alduin's Wall. Apparently, I'm destined to defeat that giant monster that nearly killed me in Helgan. Hyperion added that if Alduin had thought ahead, he would've waited a few more moments and let the executioner do his
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S'hawn's Journal VIII
Entry 8: 15th of Rainfall
I have achieved my goal to create draconic weapons and armor! I also began writing a book on how to do it for future generations to learn. I'll try to finish it later! I chose the Riverwood Forge to craft the Scale Armor. The result... oh, it was glorious! I decided then test put my fresh armor to the test by delving into the tomb of Jurgen Windcaller to retrieve his horn. A few draugr (and the word "Fei") later, I discovered the horn was gone!
In it's place was a note asking me to return to Riverwood and rent a certain room in the Sleeping Giant. Along my way, I decided to make a Dragonbone Greatsword and mace at the nearby forge-the only forge I trust with having the honor of producing the armor and weapons of dragons-the former of which was for Hyperion, along with a War-axe.
I proceeded into the inn and rented the attic room. The Innkeeper Delphine promptly explained that since the inn didn't HAVE an attic room, I could take the available one in the back.
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S'hawn's Journal VII
Entry 7: 2nd of Rain's Fall
Not much happened... got the 20000 gold reward for the Emperor thing, did some smithing training with Eorlund... I also learned how to make Daedric armor and weapons when I completed the training under Eorlund. From now on, I'll be learning on my own. Hyperion is guiding me toward books on the topic to help out, but I get the feeling I'll have to learn the final secret to becoming a Master Smith on my own. I got a little bit of extra training from my first teacher, Ghorza in exchange for retrieving The Last Scabbard of Akrash for her apprentice. Hyperion directed me to Windhelm for my next bit of learning, but it was late when I arrived, so I'm currently camping outside the city and resting. I shall resume tomorrow morning. Oh! Before I forget: I helped one of the Grey-Mane clan in Whiterun escape from a Thalmor prison-gave said Thalmor a black eye!
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S'hawn's Journal VI
Entry 6 (19th of First Seed)
I collected the Mask of Hevnoraak and placed it on the Bromjunaar alter. Afterward, I fulfilled a contract on an old miller for the Brotherhood. Hyperion decided he wanted to show me where he had lived. The house Hjerim, in Windhelm. Curious as to the inside, I picked the lock. Inside... Dear Azura, it was horrible! Just remembering it makes me nauseous! There was a secret room, and inside... I can't describe what the scene looked like. I've killed countless bandits, but that was nothing compared to the mutilated corpse!
I quickly found out who the murderer was: Some old man in the Stone Quarter who ran a museum. He thought a Dwemer fork was Ysgramor's soup spoon! I saw a bunch of cutlery just like that in Dwarven ruins! Apparently, he was trying to bring someone back to life. Correct me if i am wrong, dear reader, but isn't that kinda what the purpose of Conjuration spells is? A simple Summon Shade would have sufficed. Or if I could find Dwemer plans for A
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Azul and Fang III by DANYANTTO
Mature content
Azul and Fang III :icondanyantto:DANYANTTO 72 17
You've had enough Mister by cartmanxkylexalways You've had enough Mister :iconcartmanxkylexalways:cartmanxkylexalways 57 8 Temperature - Mambo by HiSS-Graphics Temperature - Mambo :iconhiss-graphics:HiSS-Graphics 16 11 Marid - When alarm doesn't do it... 2of2 by HiSS-Graphics Marid - When alarm doesn't do it... 2of2 :iconhiss-graphics:HiSS-Graphics 9 16 Marid - When alarm doesn't do it... 1of2 by HiSS-Graphics Marid - When alarm doesn't do it... 1of2 :iconhiss-graphics:HiSS-Graphics 10 4 EWCOMIC No. 226 - Unannounced Edds by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 226 - Unannounced Edds :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,006 143 EWCOMIC No. 226 - Smashing by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 226 - Smashing :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,885 206 EWCOMIC No. 225 - The _____ by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 225 - The _____ :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,185 271 EWCOMIC No. 224 - Art by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 224 - Art :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,688 128
Better Than A Card
    I vaguely remember being kidnapped. However, I have no memory of how I got here, in a small room. I'm not tied to anything, so that's always an improvement. I slowly stand up from the hard floor, taking in the smooth walls and narrow metal door next to me. As my eyes adjust to the dim light, I shudder. This is familiar. Memories of being strapped to a chair and injected with... something resurface in my mind, and I begin panicking, running to the door and trying to force it open. It's locked, no surprise there.
    I turn as something falls from the ceiling, and I lay eyes on a thick tube that nearly reaches the floor. I sigh, looking around defeatedly. Whoever's behind this has made their intentions completely clear.
    "Fine, I'll do it." I say out loud, not knowing if anyone can hear me. I take the tube and slip it into my mouth, bored and wanting this to end. The tube swells up, trapping itself in my mouth, and I can hear the whir of a machin
:iconskyfire3000:Skyfire3000 101 3
Gorditos - Part 2
It was the next day. Apple had gone to the Boss and demanded a meeting in the morning as soon as possible. The trouble now was getting Brad inside the building to be there too; something Brad was admittedly still nervous about.
            The doors to the restaurant had always been a little wider than normal ones, due to the size of it’s usual guest. As Apple smeared coconut oil around the doorframe, convinced it would be good for Brad’s skin and make sliding in easier, Brad stood just outside the building, his breathing now so heavy he had to strain to hear even someone right in front of him.
            When the greasing was finally done, Apple got behind Brad, taking hold of his watermelon-sized love handles – and pushing against him with all her might. She may as well have been struggling against a mound of bubblegum taffy. With enough pushing to nudge a boulder, finally Brad felt his nearly 900 pounds o
:iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 21 3
lighten up, sis 072217 by SaraPlutonium lighten up, sis 072217 :iconsaraplutonium:SaraPlutonium 20 3 Squishy belly (Collab) by TheStitchyHeart
Mature content
Squishy belly (Collab) :iconthestitchyheart:TheStitchyHeart 69 5
Affection by TheStitchyHeart Affection :iconthestitchyheart:TheStitchyHeart 31 12 43241 by Jimbury 43241 :iconjimbury:Jimbury 110 14 McGee Demotivational Poster by Daisies-Sunshine McGee Demotivational Poster :icondaisies-sunshine:Daisies-Sunshine 5 3
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